To Travel or To Be Responsible?

The importance of tourism to the world’s economy is relatively understated up until this year. We travel to shop,  travel to enjoy gastronomy, to visit beautiful places, to understand new cultures, experience the beauty of the world and meet people and so on. The pandemic hits us, and the world business and community are affected. That includes big airlines and hotels, retails, fashion brands, the transporting industry, and mostly all sectors of economies that we could think of.

Traveling is the easiest method to contribute to the economy.

With Malaysia now allowing to travel inter-states, domestic tourism will support local businesses. Staying indoor in the same location and doing the same routine can cause such stress that dreaming about travel and holidays makes traveling “a must” when allowed, for many of us.                                                                                       

But is it necessary to take the risk? To travel or to be responsible?


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I guess the answer to it is to do both. Because we can. Being responsible is subjective, as opposed to just staying at home. We have done that, and it has truly helped us. As much as we are easily exposed to it, it can also easily be avoided. Yes, as much as we get sick of listening being reminded about the SOP’s, it is the simplest way we could contribute to keeping ourselves and people around us a thousand steps away from being affected.

We believe all the tourism businesses have the highest concerns in providing a safe and clean space, thus, it is our responsibility to keep ourselves checked at all times too. Businesses have gone further in keeping their hotels, resorts, restaurants, and shops sanitized to ensure safety for visitors.

They need to run their business, people need to keep their jobs and we need to help them. It’s a matter of cycle, all of us need each other.

That is our main objective here at Travel Malaysia e-Fair. To lend a helping hand by providing a platform for all travel and tourism-related businesses, the opportunity to have another avenue to promote their products, facilities, and services in Malaysia. This is really, tourism solidarity for all.

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