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a domestic initiative that will continue to make the tourism industry come alive

Travel Malaysia E-Fair (TMEF) is a tourism solidarity project curated by Adlina Artho-Borhan, founder and CEO of Ab & Artho. The pandemic has caused much uncertainties. Let’s groove up. Ab & Artho is here to support the tourism industry. Launched in July 2020, we invite partners and suppliers to come forward and challenge to offer Malaysians a good reason to Travel and Rediscover Malaysia.This is a domestic initiative that will continue to make the tourism industry come alive. You and us can help stimulate the Malaysian tourism economy.

Holidays are accessible to all, we can go on a break, support our hotels, resorts and leisure and travel partners. Take this opportunity to re-discover the untold side of our culture and customs, revisit to experience our rich nature and culture. Get to experience life in the village, the kampung gastronomy or the city hotel offering for weekend breaks. Let’s look forward for that beautiful memories. Malaysia, this is for you.

At the initiatives of companies coming together to make this idea possible, Travel Malaysia e-Fair (TMEF) allows you to benefit from exclusive offers to reward your stay experience. If you wish to participate as a supplier, please click here.

Accommodation, leisure, everything is there for your weekend breaks, staycay-deals and holidays, right here, at the best prices and best travel experience.

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Travel and Rediscover Malaysia, Let’s Go


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